Short and Sweet


    7zip won’t extract the file if CRC fails Use the command line (7z.exe) instead. To extract everything use 7z.exe x file.7z. To extract one file/folder within the archive: 7z.exe x file.7z "path/to/file1.txt" "path/to/file2.txt" (May 05)
    chkdsk /r takes too long? Let it run, might take days but it’ll get there. And it’ll stuck at like 10% for 6 and a half days before suddenly jumps to 99%. Be patient. (May 05)
    Access to Scientific Papers Today Sci-Hub is down (all links are not working: 1, 2, 3, 4), but no worries, there are alternatives: 1, 2, 3. Search by DOI or title. (February 02)
    Cruz vs Sanders On CNN’s Cruz-Sander health-care debate Long talk, no real debate. Cruz talks about the “average family” and Sanders the “cancer patients”, two different things. Cancer happens to a small portion of the population, and an “average family” is unlikely to have to deal with it. (February 02)


    FF Martial Art? What would it be if the epic world of Final Fantasy and the martial world of 金庸 merged into one? (December 12)